Linda Abbott Trapp, PhD, has recently returned to fine arts production following a long hiatus*, during which she served as faculty and dean at several colleges, founded a consulting firm, worked on several continents, and published seven books and over 250 articles. Her previous arts experience included pottery, sculpture, weaving, and serigraph production. Arts administration included grant management in Fresno, CA., serving as a Dean at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and ownership of a pottery and weaving supply shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She taught pottery to students from preschool to elderhostel, and taught K-12 art at the Good Shepherd School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her recent work includes wood sculpture, watercolor and collage. She is interested in producing lyrical pieces that express psychological insights within natural settings.

* about that 35 year hiatus: While I was teaching art in Ethiopia, the Revolution brought lower-level army officers into power. One Sunday, they rounded up about 80 of the intelligentsia and shot them. Many were parents of my students. I had nothing to offer save prayer and amateur art therapy to comfort and help heal. Upon returning to the states, I enrolled in a graduate counseling program, and went on for my doctorate, changing the nature of my vocation. Now that I'm semi-retired, I find I can no longer stay away from the arts - there is material from decades yearning to be expressed!